Programmable listening port

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Programmable listening port

Postby mdub » 07 Dec 2017 02:14


Lemur is hard-coded to listen on Port 8000.
Which is a big constraint when trying to have multiple Lemur working on OSC via USB on iOS for example.

Could we have this listening port be a variable ?
It would be great.

(Alternatively, a native OSC via USB on Lemur would be also perfect (if it lets you use multiple Lemur on multiple iPads).)

Thank you.
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Re: Programmable listening port

Postby Macciza » 07 Dec 2017 06:56

They should still have separate IP addresses to differentiate them...
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Re: Programmable listening port

Postby mdub » 07 Dec 2017 14:28

Hi Macciza,

This would be the case if we connect using a classical private network.

But, for now, the only solution if you want to use OSC via USB, is to use third party software like midimux.
It implements the connection without the notion of IP address and just lets you choose a port, assuming that you will have one different listening port for each iPad.

So that's why having a programmable port is needed.

Alternatively, OSC via USB implemented natively on Lemur would be the nicest solution.
(if you use Lemur on stage, the wifi solution is not possible because unreliable... as I could experience)

Thank you
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