User Library

Control Tempo And TempoFine of Ableton Live
DJ EQ module
A simple interface for DJ styled EQs
Linear Knob with tap reset
A knob that resets to defined default value when tapped
Sonar LeMackie v2
Mackie emulation + ACT controller for Sonar
Advanced Keys v2.6
Support Velocity & Aftertouch
╬╝Tonic interface
a template for SonicCharge ╬╝Tonic
Midi mappable faders and mappable XY pads
Scroll between 7 different pages
mTonic Lemurized v2
Full hands on control on SonicCharge mTonic
Tap Seq
A weird, manual sequencer
iVCS3 Lemurized
a template to control and modulate iVCS3 synth app
canvas Fader Vertical
a fader made with canvas
C Fader Relative vertical
a canvas fader with relative motion
CCequencer v2
Sequencing of MIDI CC
Live Knobs
Linear knobs with famous looks
Battery Display
Displays a resizable device battery state
Canvas Lemur Logo
A resizeable Lemur logo


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