iPad4 & NI Audio Komplete 6 - MIDI Connection

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iPad4 & NI Audio Komplete 6 - MIDI Connection

Postby monoaural » 09 Sep 2013 11:43

currently i´m using LiveControl2 (Ableton Live 9) with my iPad4 which is connected via ad-hoc network to my MacBookPro i7, 2.7GHz, 8MB RAM, (OSX 10.6.8.). For some reason i´m experiencing latency/hiccup when playing a drum rack and or a instrument. Spent hours to find the problem, but without any success. Therefore i would like to connect my iPad4 via cable in order to resolve this latency/hiccup problem.
This is the idea, how i would like to connect everything:
iPad4 -> lightning/30pin adapter -> camera connection kid -> usb/midi interface (midiMate 2) -> midi I/O of my Audio Komplete 6.

Are there any User out there having their ipad connected in this way?
Does it work well?
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