Clips view frozen on launch page... LC2 unusable... Help!

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Clips view frozen on launch page... LC2 unusable... Help!

Postby Miouzik » 25 Jul 2013 05:52

Hello Music Mates,

I quickly scanned topics on the forum but couldn't find the exact solution to the issue I'm currently facing.
Really hope someone can help me out there sort this out!

After few minutes of use (sometimes few seconds), the clips shown on the launch window freeze, as well as the little horizontal bars below the tracks names (the ones that show reading progression of running clips).
Also, when opening channel strips, colors or names of buttons disappear or stay frozen.
Meters showing volume peaks are frozen as well.

If I use the scrolling bars in the launch window, I can see the corresponding window moving accordingly in Live on my computer screen. I can also launch clips by touching the iPad's screen, but the "clips windows" remain frozen and doesn't match with the one shown in Live, which make LiveControl 2 totally unusable.

I can't tell if this is internal to the app, if it comes from the communication with Live, or if it's caused by anything else, but
it clearly looks like a bug, and I don't know how to solve it.

- Latest versions of Lemur and LiveControl 2.0, using Lemur Daemon for the connection (using Daemon in & out O)
- iPad
- Macbook Pro with OSX 10.8.4
- Wifi: tried both adhoc network and wifi connection over internet (didn't notice any wifi signal drop)
- Bluetooth deactivated on the Mac and on the iPad
- Live version: 9.0.3, 32bits
- Live/iPad/Lemur configuration: exactly as advised in the setup manual (also any other control surface removed)

- I went in the "Settings" menu of the LC2 app, and pushed the "Reinitialize LiveControl 2" button, but it seems to have absolutely no effect.
- I tried the latest version of the TouchAble app for iPad, it works perfectly with my setup. But as there are valuable functionalities unique to LC2, I would like to get this issue solved so as to definitely switch back to LC2.
- Some people talk about installing a physical midi connection between the iPad and the Mac, but I want to avoid that:
# I don't have any USB slots available
# the use of a USB hub causes other issues
# it would be an additional expense
# I chose the iPad for the wifi connectivity
# as I stated above, TouchAble works like a charm that way, LC2 should work as well

I'm looking forward to your feedback guys (and girls!)...

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