Duplicate Clip and/or copy and paste functionality needed

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Duplicate Clip and/or copy and paste functionality needed

Postby aubford » 09 Jul 2013 21:07

Livecontrol 2 is way better than Griid Pro as far as Im concerned for handling live MIDI sequencing. Alot of great new functionalities. The only thing I'm missing from Griid Pro is the ability to copy/paste a midi phrase and transplant it into a new clip. My personal preference would be for there to simply be a "duplicate clip" button on the main clip-launch page that would be just like hitting command-D(mac) after selecting a clip. That way you can create an identical clip right below it for you to create a variation of. Please please please please re-introduce this feature!
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Re: Duplicate Clip and/or copy and paste functionality neede

Postby continuous » 31 Aug 2013 18:52


I was craving the duplicate clip function during a session the other day. Additionally, I wish the there was a dedicated mixer and sends page, rather than the peek-a-boo style mixer and sends setup. That would create space for the stop buttons to be visible in the Launch page at all times. I'm a newb so I think making these changes on my own is not possible.

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