Kapture rarely working

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Kapture rarely working

Postby ambrohski » 24 Jan 2015 18:02

hello! First off, thanks for a fantastic product in Kapture, I have been excited to use it for my live sets for years. The only issue is that I have never had any success in keeping it working, please help. I have tried many times to reload it again to ensure I didn't have a corrupted file, but that has never fixed it-

I'm running OSX 10.10 on an imac with 3.4ghz i7 32 mb RAM 7200 rpm 1tb - 64 bit Ableton Live 9.1.7 with Max 6.1.9, but had the same issue on my laptomp MBP 2.3ghz 4mb RAM 32 bit Live and Max.

I will Kapture just a single rack instrument settings, and try to test it right away. Sometimes it works, other times, with NOTHING changing it won't work at all. sometimes I will Kapture one instrument, test it (it works) and I'll Kapture another 2 or 3 (testing each time), then ALL will stop working.These symptoms have always been the same for me.

I have about 20 live tracks in my live set, with fairly complex racks built on 1/3 of them. I just built my current system with fresh installs of everything.

Any suggestions? I can't understand why it will work, then with nothing changing, it will not work. Thanks!

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