griid and clyphx

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griid and clyphx

Postby zengel » 26 Dec 2012 20:01

hi liine! i send you an email on your support email but no answer since 1 month (near).
then i post the subject here.
i bought griid pro and the lemur to...clearly i love you work, i was an legacy lemur user and i'm please to see what go on at liine's house.
then .
i tried to use griid with clyphx but when i save a code on an Xclip griid bug and shut down.
i know why; i had the same problem with a modified Mu version with the lemur (the original not tried with yours...but i will certainly (i just thought about it)).
then something in the max griid pro code "bug" when he has to send (real) long characters on the lemur.
with clyphx chains can be ... say...long enough...
should it be possible to take a look and say if you could do something. actually i use a lot the lemur but i would love to use the griid pro edit clip feature to.
thanks liine !
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