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Postby joonielipton » 02 Dec 2012 00:05

I cant connect my ipad correctly to my macbook via lemur.

I am pretty sure that this problem is a result of the new updates for the ios. Sometimes it works ok but it is sketchy at best. Currently I am completely unable to connect to lemur at all. I have been using this software for a while now so I am familiar with it enough to troubleshoot it. I am in a livePA duo and we have played shows successfully this way. In my reading I am seeing rumors of a new version of the lemur daemon. Is this accurate? If it is does anyone know where I can get it?

I am shooting in the dark at this point. I cant even be sure that this will fix the problem. I know there are others having the problem because I have read a great deal of it in the forum. Is there anyone that has any kind of solution for this?

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Postby Phil999 » 02 Dec 2012 03:03

yes it can be problematic after iOS 6. Do other apps that use WiFi connect to your Macbook? If that is not the case, a new Lemur version won't change much. Did you try the advices for this problem?

Also, it is a good idea to leave a setup as it is if you are performing live. Never update until you are 100% sure. ;)
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