Crash, Crash, Crash

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Crash, Crash, Crash

Postby phee73 » 22 Aug 2012 08:47

So I have a really large Ableton Live set and Im trying to use Griid to control my Live set but for some reason it keeps crashing.
It handles for a about 10 min then bang....crash!
I have no idea what to do!?
Please help!!!

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Re: Crash, Crash, Crash

Postby nechronics » 24 Aug 2012 14:24

I'm having the same problem. I crash within a minute of opening the app every time...and ive tried reinstalling, rebooting, trying diff sets...everything. The app is basically a dead piece of space at this point...and it seems multiple other users are having the same problem. The fact that we can't get an update, let alone a SIMPLE answer about this is infuriating considering the money we paid for this. Very disappointed. Someone from Liine needs to address this.
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Re: Crash, Crash, Crash

Postby Macciza » 06 Sep 2012 16:01

Are you able to send a crash log or further info to support?
What is actually crashing? Live or Griid - your posts are unclear as to which is having the problem . .
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Re: Crash, Crash, Crash

Postby martinpatino » 18 Feb 2013 16:21

I sent them already project and log file.
The project is a blank project with 4 groups, let's say. And it crashes Griid so it's maybe groups?
I bought Griid for playing LIVE but it doesn't work on very simple tasks, so I guess if they don't solve this
I hope i'm entitled to money back
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