Multiple connection issue!

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Multiple connection issue!

Postby ablemusic » 05 Jan 2013 02:48

I just bought Lemur today and was setting it up and ran into this issue.
I have a retina MBP and they do not have an ethernet connection, so whenever I want to connect to my ipad for lemur use I have to disconnect from the internet. This is very annoying and I really hope there is a way around this. I run tutoring lessons via skype and really wanted to integrate my ipad into use for ableton while I did things that required an internet connection. Both of my thunderbolt ports are taken up with an extended display and external hard drive.

So bassically, I need to figure out a way to connect to my wifi network and also connect to my iPad device simultaneously or I need a refund.

Please help! I really want to integrate my Lemur into ableton without any issues!!
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Re: Multiple connection issue!

Postby Dragonsoulj » 01 Sep 2015 10:20

If both your iPad and your MBP are on the same WiFi network, and the network you are connecting to allows devices to see each other, you can have both devices online and still use Lemur.
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