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sample control interface using canvas

Postby analog604 » 19 May 2015 21:52

Here is a little demo that I worked up.

It demonstrates the use of gradients and scripting to animate some canvas-based faders.

Designed with a graphics app, then exported to SVG, and converted to JZML.

It has two canvas objects:
cv1 - for the background that is static, which does not redraw when controls are moved.
cSliders - Repeats objects such as fader slot+caps and buttons and is active for touch.

This is how it rendered in Firefox, you'll see after loading the template in Lemur editor that the main background did not fill and there are other differences. I had to disable the fill or it crashed 5.22 editor, known bug. It will work someday...
Also I made the gradients on top buttons randomized upon template load. For fun. :D
It doesn't actually send any MIDI commands but that can be scripted.


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