Switch your canvas to On Demand.

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Switch your canvas to On Demand.

Postby Traxus » 25 Jan 2015 20:58

I'm using a modified version of the radial sequencer, had it set to render onFrame (always) and noticed a crazy drop in frame rate / efficiency in my template...

How crazy? Decided to try switching it to onDemand and saw an additional 8 FPS on my iPad 2, from 16 fps to 24 fps.

Having the canvas render on frame was consuming an additional 33% of the renaming available resources just while the template was idling. Over all template efficiency (out of 60 fps) went from around 25% to about 40%.

The fix is painfully simple, set the canvas render to on demand. Within the canvas, add a script that fires on expression. In the expression input area, add a vectral that has every variable that could possible change the state of the canvas. The array in my on expression listener had at least 15 different variables and I still saw this drastic increase. Insert this logic into the script:
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decl c = getobject();
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Re: Switch your canvas to On Demand.

Postby Softcore » 25 Jan 2015 22:50

I have been avoiding onFrame scripts like the plague....

I agree with you about the Canvas too!

It is quite rare to want the canvas object to always update - so having it redraw onDemand is definitely the first choice for me!
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