5.2 - Canvas Radial Gradient seems broken?

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Re: 5.2 - Canvas Radial Gradient seems broken?

Postby Macciza » 09 Nov 2014 04:19

Further to the Gradient issue...
My problems seem to be with gradients fading to clear and rendered in the whole canvas, with block color appearing under certain conditions in places that should be clear, and we're previously ....

I have managed to get around it in most cases by rearranging my code and rendering the gradient in a smaller area.
Where previously I rendered the gradient to a particular location I now render the path containing it instead.
Not sure if this is the preferred best practice but on reflection it is probably a better way . . .

Joe, re Shadows,
Yes they are working but it seems even in the web domain they are an expensive operation apparently..
For static stuff it is probably ok, but for constant rendering it comes at a premium ...
I have had some pretty pretty good results with fake shadowing . . .

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