Multiple clip launcher grids?

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Multiple clip launcher grids?

Postby HHHHHH » 16 Mar 2016 23:05

Hi, do perhaps any of you genius boffins know if it is possible to have multiple clip launcher grids in Live Control 2?

I know you can have different grid boxes for say a push, an apc 40 and an apc 20 simultaneously, so I'm hoping this is possible...

What I'd like to do is edit the livecontrol 2 clip launcher so that I can have 4 independent clip grids on my ipad, each 4 columns by 12 rows.

(All other tweakery will be done on other controllers so the ipad is purely for clip triggering)

Any tips for a pretty experienced producer/ total leemur noob please?

(I know what I'm asking is possible using Conduktor, but its a little clunky)

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