LemurDaemon completely broken

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LemurDaemon completely broken

Postby alexpfeffer » 09 Feb 2015 16:18

Hey guys,

I recently got the Android version of Lemur and just wanted to set it up. When I started the LemurDaemon, the window was completely messed up and as soon as I hit a button it was freezing. I am on Win7 64bit!
Maybe someone of you can help, thanks!
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Re: LemurDaemon completely broken

Postby Dragonsoulj » 01 Sep 2015 10:17

Are you still having this issue? What version of Lemur Editor are you using? I am currently running Windows 7 64 bit and have a working setup.
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Re: LemurDaemon completely broken

Postby Riiio » 20 Mar 2016 12:49

I was just about to post the same image. Win 7 64bit.
The problem arised 2 days ago, nothing out of the ordinary was changed on my computer.
It's also an issue for the Lemur editor, which is unusable.

However, everything runs fine as administrator.
Have been racking my brain over this for 36 hours now, tried a vast array of options.

Is anyone else encountering this problem?
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Re: LemurDaemon completely broken

Postby Softcore » 21 Mar 2016 13:58

Works fine here on two machines, 7 64 bit and 7 32 bit.
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Re: LemurDaemon completely broken

Postby Riiio » 28 Mar 2016 11:40

Yes, as it did for me previously on two machines.
Still works no problems on 32bit Win 7.

Win 7 64bit install worked fine for a long time.
Problem first occurred whilst editor synced and coding "getobject" scripts.
The problem rendered the application usuable (Editor only)
Worked in Administration mode as mentioned above (Tried all Nvidea and Direct x workarounds - Baffled)

Yesterday, the problem occurred in Administration mode.
During OSC activity (Again on Getobject scripts) and both the Editor and Daemon are running, but with Glitch graphics and an unusable interface.

*The Editor issue seems to be due to using multiple screens.
Fix = When loading the glitched editor, Maximise the editor on native display.

The daemon issue is something i'll be working on today, will post my findings here.

Resolved *Hopefully*

This seems to be an issue when using multiple displays.
I cannot determine how or why the issues started.
If your editor or daemon is glitched graphically, Maximise the application in the native display window.
(As in the image above, the daemon doesn't seem to have a maximise button when glitched - The button is still functional behind the glitch or use Alt+ESC)
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