Go wired !

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Go wired !

Postby loloviolo » 20 Jan 2015 21:07

First I have to say that I am using Live 9.04 and LiveControl 2.12 and everything is going well thru wifi and Daemon.

Now I am willing to go wired for reliability reasons to perform in concerts. Here the config : I got iPad 1stGen with Camera Connection kit and USB to MIDI cable connected to audio card. Daemon turned OFF. Wifi OFF too.

Sorry It may be a newbie question but I tried about everything and didn't find the answer on existing threads.

LiveControl is not sync well with Live. I got transport buttons working, playing notes too but cannot see nor launch clips.
I ran midi monitor and i see SysEx messages so my system appears not blocking it however I damn can't make it working fine.

Please Help. I tried about every config possible in preferences on both ipad and Live.
Is there something wrong in my setup ?
Is there special setting for this wired way ?

Thanks a lot for you help. Any idea ?
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