Use sequencer part for Audiorealism Drum Machine

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Use sequencer part for Audiorealism Drum Machine

Postby Yurroon » 09 Jan 2015 21:41

Can somebody tell me where the sequencer page is build up? I made a copy of the LiveControl template and now I am trying to edit it. My goal is to make a sequencer for the Audiorealism Drum Machine plugin. Just select a clip in the launch page and then in the sequencer klick the notes to create a drum pattern.

The sequencer has to show only 11 rows and for better reading each rows starts with a name like "BD", "SD" of "CP" instead of "C1", "C#1, and "D1". But only the name must change because the BD is activated by placing the "C1" note.

As far as my programming skills go, I think that the parseSeq code is doing the job. The part with "else if (cmd == 7)" is placing the note names in the blocks but I cannot figure out where to edit them.

Maybe somebody in this forum can give me a hint where to look in the code?

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