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sequencer notes

Postby adamrodriguez » 07 Apr 2014 14:55

can anyone tell me how to fix the sequencer in live control from having input/note problems?
I press a note and it chooses and highlights in red the input for the note 4 semitones down.
I don't know what to edit in the Livecontrol 2 lemur editor.

thanks in advance
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Re: sequencer notes

Postby Vitor » 09 Sep 2014 13:44

Same thing here. Every square (note) I press gets correctly highlighted, but then, the registered note is 4 semitones lower. That registered note (the red square) correctly plays on Live (ex: a red square on Live Control 2 triggers a Kick on a drum track in Live.
The Play page is working correctly.

Anybody has any idea of what is going on?
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Re: sequencer notes

Postby crob2017 » 14 Sep 2014 07:55

I just had the same problem but I fixed it. I'm pretty sure LiveControl2 comes with the default sequencer setup as 4 semitones down - all you need to do is go to the sequencer window, select "actions," and then find the transpose arrows, and click it down a few times to match your desired pitch. This is the simple answer and it could totally be something else, but for me that worked, and I hope it works for you guys too!
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