Connectivity problems between Editor and iPad... please help

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Connectivity problems between Editor and iPad... please help

Postby abzj123 » 21 Dec 2013 04:37

I just bought the Lemur app and I've read all about connectivity issues between the Lemur editor and the iPad, because I have them.
After setting up the ad hoc network between my Macbook Pro and my iPad, I found my iPad IP addess and manually entered it in the text window that pops up when I press "play" in the editor, which connects Lemur Editor and Lemur App. (I have to enter my iPad IP address manually because Lemur Editor does not see my iPad and offer it as an automatic option in this textbox).
After doing this it works fine to create templates and see them on the iPad while I'm creating them.

THE PROBLEM: when I click to set up the ports in the Lemur Daemon - I click "Set up Lemur Daemon" then "ADD" then "Daemon MIDI In" then I double click "Daemon Output 0"... then it says "Choose Destination for Port: "Daemon Output 0"...
BUT, there is no destination that I can choose... (as far as I understand, the destination would be my iPad, but it doesn't show up as a possible destination...)
How can I choose the the destination port?

Could someone please help?
Thank you!
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Re: Connectivity problems between Editor and iPad... please

Postby MrCorba » 27 Dec 2013 12:19

HAve you tried selecting in the Lemur App your Mac as output? In the settings menu of the app you can select the MIDI Targets, and your mac will show up there. Select your mac and then in the Lemur Daemon the connections will be automatically shown.
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