LiveControl issues on Win 7 64bit, please help!

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LiveControl issues on Win 7 64bit, please help!

Postby Tony Divino » 06 Apr 2012 02:01

Hi everyone,

I Just got an iPad and TouchOSC and for 3 days solid now I've been trying to get LiveControl working with Ableton with no luck at all. I'm on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit using Ableton Live 8.2.5. I've read countless threads and watched loads of vids but can't seem to get past one major stumbling block which is stopping me from finishing the setup.

I can get the ipad and PC connected together with downloading templates through TouchOSC Editor onto ipad and the ipad comes up in LiveControl when TouchOSC is open, but the LiveControl 1 & 2 option on the MIDI port isnt coming up in LiveControl or the LiveControl MIDI In / Out within Ableton. I've installed the script OK so it's showing up as a Control Surface in Ableton (red box appears after selecting LiveControl TO) but can't get Ableton to receive the MIDI. I've tried both MidiYoke and loopMIDI to solve the problem by setting up a virtual MIDI connection and selected their ports respectively in LiveControl and Ableton. The end result is the same, Ableton just won't receive the data and the ipad doesn't display track / clip info etc.

I'm pretty sure it's not to do with the wifi connection as I've tried it using TouchOSC with PureData and the MIDI data is being received by Ableton fine when using with MidiYoke or loopMIDI. LiveControl seems to be installed correctly as it's coming up as a Control Surface OK so I can't get my head around why LiveControl won't appear as a MIDI option in LiveControl or Ableton.

I've tried different ingoing / outgoing ports in TouchOSC following the video, and other port configurations which have been suggested. There's a lot of conflicting information out there though and little support for win 7 64bit. Firewall or Skype isn't a issue either.

If anyone could shed some light I'd really appreciate it and apologies if I've left any important info out, I'm a noob and a bit out of my depth so grateful for any help to get this solved.

Many thanks
Tony Divino
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Re: LiveControl issues on Win 7 64bit, please help!

Postby Tony Divino » 12 Apr 2012 11:33

Well after several days of tinkering I've managed to get it working 100%. At one point the mapping was random but after uninstalling the script and running ccleaner I did a fresh install and working perfect. He's some tips for others on Windows 7 64 Bit who are experiencing problems.


1.) For virtual midi connectivity use loopMIDI instead of MidiYoke (I couldn't get MidiYoke to work on my PC running win 7 ultimate 64bit).
2.) If your using the TouchOSC editor then download Java 64bit (otherwise the software won't run).
3.) Install the LiveControl script into the root folder of your latest version of ableton, then move the LiveControl folder, program and files into the same program files directory as Ableton (i.e. Computer > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files (x86) > LiveControl).


1.) Open loopMIDI and create a new port naming it LiveControl 1. (Also right click on the loopMIDI icon in the taskbar and make sure autostart is on)
2.) Open LiveControl then open TouchOSC on ipad / iphone (device should appear) then go into midi setup and deselect all connections apart from LiveControl IN & OUT. Exit midi setup and select LiveControl 1.
3.) Open TouchOSC > Connections > OSC > select your PC then change outgoing to 5000 and incoming to 5001


At this point everything should be installed correctly. The main thing to note is that there is a process to get this running in Ableton correctly.

1.) loopMIDI should already be running (if autostart is checked)
2.) Open LiveControl program
3.) Open Touchosc then device should appear in touchosc.
4.) start Ableton then go into preferences > midi / sync select LiveControl TO in Control Surfaces and activate track on LiveControl 1 input and output and it should be working.

I found Ableton crashes if I load up a project with the control surface on, so I just change control surface to none in preferences before loading up a project.

I hope this helps, trust me it's worth the pain to get this working. Already I'm using it way more then my Akai APC40, much more intuitive and user friendly.

Good Luck!

Tony Divino
Tony Divino
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Re: LiveControl issues on Win 7 64bit, please help!

Postby ukeybuntu » 03 Jan 2013 05:28

I just wanted to say THANK THANK THANK YOU so much for this post! I legitimately spent hours trying to figure out how to put this all together. I even made a username here just so I can thank you. THANK YOU again!
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