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Postby bydavidrosen » 21 Sep 2017 00:29


I'm new to this board... After years of struggling to memorize the keyswitches available in various Kontakt instruments, I'm looking for a way to have a VISUAL representation of all the keyswitches available on a separate screen (an iPad, Android device, whatever), that I can tap on with one hand while playing my actual MIDI keyboard with the other... It's just impossible for me to remember that C5 is going to switch me from legato to pizzicato or something like that... I want either a visual keyboard with labels on each key, or even like square buttons I can push that are each labeled with each of the keyswitches. I don't mind building these myself for each of my installed Kontakt libraries, but I want it to be somewhat easy. I found Lemur and am wondering if this could be a solution... It certainly doesn't look easy haha, but maybe with a good start on one I can edit the first one and make it happen for the rest?

Anyway, thanks and I'll hopefully be more involved on this board now that I'm here.
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