Tap for Tempo Button

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Tap for Tempo Button

Postby Traxus » 10 Feb 2013 19:26

While building my template for Serato Scratch Live (coming soon ;) ) I perpetually had to work around the colossal short coming of having no MIDI OUT from the software. One of the challenges I encountered included trying to match fade in and fade outs of effects to the tempo of the track, I needed a way to quickly set the tempo, so I built this tap button that operates strictly within lemur...

Tap to the beat, and the tempo will display within the button. Tempo is stored in the x variable of the module. Change the top most container's color and the rest of the module will follow suit. Zip contains module as well as template...


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Re: Tap for Tempo Button

Postby alloedee » 11 Feb 2013 14:53


Good work. I could deffently use this one in a futute project or in a update of a previously released project

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Re: Tap for Tempo Button

Postby Gass n Klang » 13 Jan 2016 19:28

Great work. 2 Questions:
1) I'd love to change how it's reacting: It would be very nice to have an average of three taps instead of two. Is that possible?
2) I want to remote by a midi controller. I think I have assign the midi command to the TapContainer/TapButton/x value. Is that right? Doing this does not show me the values on my tablet.
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