Dexter Style EQ

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Dexter Style EQ

Postby GordonHeal » 29 Dec 2014 01:24

So here's another module from my in progress Dexter emulation. The EQ!

It's a pretty intuitive Multi-Ball based EQ with canvas overlays for amplitude/frequency and Q/frequency. Has filters, shelves, and 4 parametric bands (like logic's EQ). Hope it can be useful for some.

I'd love to make it look as pretty as Dexter's, but bezier curves don't really seem to work as expected in canvas, so I've mainly used the arcTo method. The info block only shows approximate values of frequency, as I never could figure out the 20-20000 log formula to work it out according to the grid.
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Re: Dexter Style EQ

Postby rockdude9k » 17 Jan 2017 01:04

This is super cool. What's the best way to integrate it into Cubase? Looks like it's outputting OSC only and not midi. Is that correct?
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