Buttons - Recalling Values & Combining Functions

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Buttons - Recalling Values & Combining Functions

Postby bonso » 27 Dec 2017 01:03


I have some buttons taken from my Cubase template posted in the Projects sub-forum that I could use some help with if anyone would be so kind.... 8-)
The project attached has the two sets of buttons in question:

As Cubase won't record the automation of the solo buttons, I have tried to create a workaround using buttons that enable the mute switches on all the other tracks.
My main issue is working out a script so that the solo buttons (2nd row) read the mute buttons state, so that after activating the solo button scripts the state of the mute buttons is recalled so that if they were active before the solo is pressed they recall that once it is released. (I hope that explanation makes sense!)
Currently, Activating 1 of the 16 solos mutes all the other channels but their previous state is not recalled after this action.
I've spent many hours trying to figure this out and I still can't get this behaviour to work fully, so help would be greatly appreciated.
The other thing I would like to implement is being able to have multiple solo buttons that work simultaneously. I'm not really sure how this would work and its possible my current attempt to script the mute behaviour from above would make this harder than necessary to get to work.

Thanks in advance for any ideas and advice on how to proceed!
Mute-Solo Buttons.jzml
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