Setting Lemur resolution on high-res screens (Android)

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Setting Lemur resolution on high-res screens (Android)

Postby FergusL » 25 Dec 2017 22:39


I've read a few other posts about Lemur resolution, most notably viewtopic.php?f=32&t=4757
And various other issues where it is again stated that it is possible to "force" the resolution of a project from the Editor and sending it to the device.
My tablet runs Android 5.0 and Lemur 5.3.3, editor version is 5.3.4.

I have an Asus Z580CA which has a 2048x1536 screen, the resolution is reported as "1024x724" in the app Settings.
Whatever resolution I set in the editor gets still reported as 1024x724.
If I set the native resoluton minus some pixels for the sidebars, I get scrollbars.

It honestly looks like a bug or a missing/incomplete/broken screen detection feature in the Lemur app!
As my device isn't rooted I cannot use a DPI changer as a workaround.
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