Couple of minor problems

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Couple of minor problems

Postby Laithar » 19 Sep 2017 11:19

Hi guys,

Running Lemur on Samsung Tab S2 and the editor on Windows 10.

My first problem is to do with the editor. Every time I start the editor, I have to re-arrange my panel configuration and stretch the window so that I can see everything. Is there a way of getting it to stay in it's re-arranged config?

My second problem is with regard to Lemur on the S2. If I need to back out of the app, which leaves the app running in the background and then go back into it, I am presented with a black screen. I have to close it down completely and then restart, re-establish connections. A few times I lost a small amount of changes, which got me into the habit of making more regular backups. Wondered if I'm missing something, which makes the app not able to run in the background?

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