Recieving OSC non-standard feedback from Ardour/Mixbus

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Recieving OSC non-standard feedback from Ardour/Mixbus

Postby legionxvx » 05 Jun 2017 18:07

Hey guys, got a pretty specific question.

In Ardour/Mixbus (I'm testing in Mixbus 32c v.4 if that helps) I find that 99% of the OSC and feedback controls for the program work within the constraints of Lemur, and it's been a blast hooking up all of those features.

However, there is one piece of feedback that would really blow the project wide open for me, as I would be able to query Mixbus, and then build the entire interface on the back of that knowledge, rather than relying on banks so heavily.

In the documentation of Ardour, available here, I noticed that there is a querying section that seems like it would be very helpful. Supposedly, I can send things like (0, '/strip/list', 1.0) and receive a message for every strip in the session, detailing what kind of strip they are, how many ins/outs, and how many sends etc.

Indeed I checked the packets in wire shark, and it's working correctly. ( It sends the replies for every strip in the session, and correctly.

The problem I'm having is that I cannot get Lemur to recognize these packets via an 'On OSC' script. The packets start with #reply, so naturally I tried to receive the feedback via '/#reply' but that didn't work, then I tried removing the root from the equation but Lemur forces it in, making that way useless as well. Cue a lot of frustration and time wasted on trying to get some sort of pattern matching to recognize this packet so that I can bring it into the fold, but I cannot seem to wrap my head around it, or even tell if it's possible for lemur to understand a nonstandard reply like this.

If anyone has any experience with this kind of thing, please let me know, because this would really make Lemur in a whole other league compared to other OSC controllers.

PS. I can attach my template if anyone is interested, 32c is available via demo (fully featured, just periodic whitenoise) at if you want to test it out with it as well.
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Re: Recieving OSC non-standard feedback from Ardour/Mixbus

Postby Phil999 » 26 Oct 2017 23:23

interesting. I did not know that the message starts with '#reply', that's why I also did not succeed with onOSC scripts. Although I think I did manage to get a plugin list into a text object with onOSC script, but only few times.

Yes it would be great to query Mixbus for certain information and build a rather flexible controller. For example to replicate the 'spill' function of Mixbuses (show only the channels that have send to that Mixbus enabled).
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