Bluetooth MIDI!!!!!

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Bluetooth MIDI!!!!!

Postby tater01 » 16 May 2017 05:06

What would it really take to add the ability to use incoming bluetooth MIDI and have it trigger a button or action in Lemur? Other competitor apps have done this for ages! Midi Designer is like Lemur's dumb little brother and it accepts bluetooth MIDI? This would give you the ability to use a footswitch along side of Lemur!!! Or use my guitar routed from MIDI Guitar to trigger events in Lemur!! Lemur is so advanced in so many ways yet doesn't support the basics!!! Like make it inter-app audio compatible! That's a no brainer! Then you could route network, bluetooth, or inter-app MIDI to Lemur and use it to trigger events!!! How much money does Liine have to make to give us these basic functionalities that most of all Lemur's competitors already do? Hell, you want more money? I would gladly give ten more dollars for these basic functionalities!!!!!!! Make a new version and charge for an upgrade like all other software companies do!
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