Save/Overwrite file shortcut or function

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Save/Overwrite file shortcut or function

Postby rad3d » 27 Mar 2016 02:32

For those who have written templates that save presets, I'd really like to see a simple 1 step save solution. Currently, it takes 5 taps to save my Lemur file (Settings/Project/SaveAs/Return/Overwrite). My template has a separate Save Preset function, so I have to always remember to save the Lemur template after making any major updates to presets.

It would be nice if there was a simple 1-2 step process to save and overwrite the current file. Or better yet, add a function that can automate whatever save function you need inside of your template that can be tied to another function. For me, that would mean saving a preset, then having the template automatically save/overwrite in the background. Some may want the Overwrite confirmation.

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Re: Save/Overwrite file shortcut or function

Postby Softcore » 27 Mar 2016 14:00

+ 1

A simple scripted method to save the current template would be enough.
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