LTI - Lemur Touch Interface for Harrison Mixbus32C

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LTI - Lemur Touch Interface for Harrison Mixbus32C

Postby legionxvx » 13 Nov 2017 20:38

Hi guys, just figured I would drop in and share something I've been working on for quite some time. Especially considering you guys are the whole reason it's possible in the first place!

Harrison Mixbus32C is a full-featured workstation with a world-class editor and mixer workflow. Mixbus features a very rich OSC protocol, that has, for a long time, lacked a great interface to pair with it. When we sat down and tried to create one we really wanted to emphasize customizability, and we couldn't think of a better application or community than Lemur's.

So I created the Lemur Touch Interface for Mixbus 32C; and it is available today!

You can download the LTI HERE.
The bundle also includes a FREE DEMO of Mixbus32C ( no need to download it separately).
(*)the Mixbus32C demo is fully featured and functional, aside from an occasional low-level noise.

The LTI features:
- Mixer Interface: 8 fader scrollable banking interface with quick access to transport, channelstrip knobs, and monitoring.
- Session Overview Interface: displays 24 track "cards" with rec-arm, mute, solo and other features.
- Track Expansion Interface: with channelstrip EQ and Compressor knobs.
- Transport Interface: with change-able jog modes, accelerated scrolling, and transport controls.
- Controller Customization options, and infinite flexibility.
- And much, much, more!

You can check out the interface in this hands-on Youtube Video.


    The Mixer Interface provides 8 channels in a bank that can be scrolled up or down, each with: fader, mute, solo, panning, rec-arm, monitor selection, and a waveform "history" display that shows a simple waveform for the track.
    The Mixer page also provides global controls for the monitor level ( plus mono, dim, and mute ), a jog wheel, master rec/arm, master play/stop, and previous/next marker.


    The Session Overview Interface shows 24 channels simultaneously, each with Mute, Solo, Rec-arm, meter, and fader up/down buttons (in 1dB increments). This page is infinitely expandable by scrolling in increments of four, or scrolling up/down by pages of 24.


    The Track Interface provides access to the channel's compressor with a simple tap from the Mixer interface, EQ, and Mixbus send knobs. Additionally you can change compression modes and disengage both the EQ and Compressor.


    The Transport Interface provides a standard jog wheel & a changeable accelerating scroll wheel, another set of monitor controls, and a selection of useful transport & editing functions which allow a musician or solo recorder to operate Mixbus remotely.

    You can find out more by going to the official product page located here.

Thanks for your support!
-Nik at Harrison
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Re: LTI - Lemur Touch Interface for Harrison Mixbus32C

Postby Phil999 » 14 Nov 2017 18:41

this looks very good. Will try it out tonight. Curious about the change-able jog modes and accelerated scrolling. Thank you Nik!
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