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Re: Sequencomat on Lemur for iPad?

PostPosted: 30 Dec 2011 23:25
by mat
For the moment I got enough beta testers, thanks to all.
We will see where we will get, but in common everything is working!

I posted a new video:
It shows Sequencomat lite + full version running parallel via WiFi network (changing channel of my router helped a lot to get visual feedback more fluently). Works :D

Till now there are 2 issues with Sequencomat on Ipad (same with lite and full version):
- The Knob object is somehow broken in Lemur 3.0. I use knobs in endless mode for entering bpm and position. Unfortunately the Endless Knobs always fall back to value 0 if touched, which is no good idea for bpm. ;) So for the moment you have to set the tempo in once at the beginning. You can make small changes by using the BPMfine knob later.... If Liine can not fix that, I will enter another control typ for bpm and position.
- The bidirectional OSC communication between Lemur and maxpatch was designed for ethernet connection on its original hardware Lemur. The full version of SequencomatV3 sends about 4000 values forth and back in realtime. On original Lemur that was never a problem (while internal 4MB memory sure was!), on Ipad it clearly depends on your network settings. Ad hoc works fine. But even wifi can work as shown in the video.... However: If lite version works, full versions works also and you can even run both.

I will wait for further feedback of my beta testers.
Any feedback about lite version here is also appreciated.

Kind regards

Re: Sequencomat on Lemur for iPad?

PostPosted: 05 Jan 2012 19:30
by vst
Hi mat. First of all, great work on your all your endeavours.

Question: Do you have any videos of the ipad version controlling any external gear with a coreMIDI interface?

Re: Sequencomat on Lemur for iPad?

PostPosted: 05 Jan 2012 21:35
by mat
Hey vst,

thanks for the compliment :)

About your question:
Unfortunately Sequencomat will not work with iRigs coreMidi or any other Midi interface directly hooked up to the Ipad.
The reason for that is, that the Lemur template doesn´t send the Midinotes and ControlChange. It "just" makes the bidirectional OSC communication to the maxpatch on your computer (Mac or PC). The maxpatch sends all Midi! So - you need a computer in between...even if you just use it for running the maxpatch. On the other side the maxpatch can send Midi to any Midiport installed on your system (internal or external, if your computer got a Midiinterface).

Thats a pitty, I know. While the original Lemur always needed a computer to work, now on Ipad you can cut that computer and send direct from your Ipad to hardware. But that only works for modules that are done completely on Lemur (like most modules, including most of mine). However, Sequencomat (and all other stepsequencers from a certain point of complexity on) can not be done on Lemur only: It is not only that programming language in Lemur can not cover all needed functions (or at least they are difficult to programm and keep the restricted memory in mind) it is also that the Lemur is not tight enough for such complex tools. That was the point - 3 years ago - where I realized that I have to learn max and my personal journey started which resulted in Sequencomat.

So for direct Ipad => hardware you have to use one of the stepsequencers that are done without max or Pure Data (there are some in the user area.... and although they do not go such into deep like Sequencomat, they are great and usefull tools. For stepmodulation of ControlChange you can use my "Modumat" for instance)

All the best

Re: Sequencomat on Lemur for iPad?

PostPosted: 14 Jan 2012 12:43
by mat
Dear Lemurians,

I´ve updated the SequencomatV3lite in the user area:
See complete manual here:

The zip contains now Ipad and legacy resolution (modules) and one maxpatch working with both.

There is also a minor bugfix in the maxpatch: Previous version does not update Swing knob when loading a new set - max got the new value, but you do not see it on the Lemur, which could lead to working with swing without getting that indicated... especially bad if the maxpatch was set to a swing of 23msec by default, like it was the case in the zip I once uploaded here in that thread. Now swing is set to 0 by default and if you load a set the swing knob is updated.

The knob problem is still there: Endless knobs for bpm control send 0 everytime they are touched, so set the bpm at once in the beginning (before pressing play). You can do minor changes with the BPMfine knob later...
I decided not to change the bpm control for some reasons:
- Liine says they will fix the knob-object bugs in Lemur v3.0 with the next update, released within the next weeks.
- Although I tried some alternatives last weekend I did not get satisfying results. The endless knobs are the best for fast and exact control that still enables fades in BPM
- I like to keep the maxpatch the same for legacy and Ipad users

That knob problem is the same with the full version. So I wait for that bugfix until "offical" release. However, if you don´t care about that knobs full version "SequencomatV3.3" is also available. All other things work and are tested from my beta testers - thanks again. If you are interested in full version (and have tested lite version on your system before!), drop me a mail, I send paypal request in return.

All the best
and enjoy stepsequencing


Re: Sequencomat on Lemur for iPad?

PostPosted: 14 Jan 2012 13:05
by Macciza

Just wondering if the iPad 02 project needs the Sequencer page updated as well?
Thanks for all your work . . .


Re: Sequencomat on Lemur for iPad?

PostPosted: 16 Jan 2012 02:08
by kraftf
Had a chance to try the Lite Version.
Man its absolutely fantastic. Its intuitive and flawless.
Only one thing I cannot get to work and this to change the midi clock sync source. As a midi master works ok. But whenever I try to change to the midi slave option or to the rewire slave in Live I can't make. The aequencer remains stuck although I've setup my midiports OK.
Does anyone else have this problem?
Anyway this patch has freed me from trying to make some patches in Lemur which are very difficult or impossible to make.
Very good Mat, well done and thank you!!.
Now about the pricing of the V3.3 option I think it probably deserves asking that amount of money taking into account all the work you've done in structuring the max patch and the design in Lemur.
However now this app is directed to a different set of people than those that spent thousounds of dollars to get the JazzMutant Lemur hardware. Consequently I think some 'ranging' should take place regarding the price variable. I also believe that you would make much more money if you asked for half of the price for ipad users and even more if fourth of the price.
All this is coming contructively and please don't take it in the wrong. I know anybody is taking their own decisions on how to market a product. All the above are suggestions and speculation.
Thanks again for your work Mat!! :D

Re: Sequencomat on Lemur for iPad?

PostPosted: 16 Jan 2012 22:57
by mat
@ Macciza
The Lemur Interface needs no changes, just use the new maxpatch (it is named the same, so delete old one, put new one in same folder)
The Ipad02 project was just a demo, my 2nd try on Ipad... I will delete it, cause all users can build it on their own, because meanwhile I have updated those modules in the user area. (and will continue to update other ones...)

open rewire host before opening max. start maxpatch. choose "ad rewire". activate ("X"). should work.
make sure you have activated a sync OUT in your daw. choose that midiport for receiving clock from. should also work.
important advices:
never use same midiport for clock in and out! it will result in a midi feedback loop - crash!
Sequencomat uses a MidiBeatClock (MBC) not a MidiTimeCode (MTC). Normally MBC works with all setups, is pretty basic and stable. But some programms need MTC....

I will keep the price. I do understand your arguments.... and if it just would be pressing a button to get that patch to a new user you would be right. It is not. Each patch is personalised. Why? Mainley because of copyright protection. But more important than that 10minutes work is the support I give. Most users get guided through the manual with no problem, but some users need really to be taken by their hands and explained what a midiport is. Thats ok for me. Thats what they pay for! And believe me, some of those need hours and hours to get through... so in a middle value that 99,- is fair for support.
But more important than these all: 99,- is a fair price for a sequencer with that functions - compared with other software stepsequencers.
And don´t forget: 50,- Euro payback for a video within first 7 days! :D
Actually I don´t care if I only sell once a month as long as my users are satisfied.
I hope you understand....

all the best

Re: Sequencomat on Lemur for iPad?

PostPosted: 19 Jan 2012 11:09
by hogo
Also, Lemur works well with apps like MidiBridge which allow you to direct midi information in a lot of creative ways. I use lemur to control many other apps on the same iPad.

Re: Sequencomat on Lemur for iPad?

PostPosted: 21 Jan 2012 06:04
by jenz
Information goes to the iPad but not from it. Where can I find my iPad IP adress? Can't wait to make music with this super seq...


Re: Sequencomat on Lemur for iPad?

PostPosted: 21 Jan 2012 18:35
by mat
- open settings in liines lemur app on iPad
- use OSCtarget1 (have to be created first time!)
- enter your computer IP and a port

- enter your Ipad IP*
- enter same port as on OSCtarget1

*(see iPad IP while syncing jazzeditor to app - mentioned behind your iPads name)