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Sequencomat on Lemur for iPad?

PostPosted: 08 Dec 2011 03:07
by tomoe97
Has anyone succeeded in getting Sequencomat to work on Lemur for iPad? This is one of the most complex step sequencers available for Lemur, but I can't get it to work.

After importing the Sequencomat library into the Lemur Editor, I saved the project as a template and then transferred it to my iPad. I then carefully followed the developer's setup instructions for the original Lemur hardware (see ... _embedded#!) and applied those tips to Lemur for the iPad. I succeeded in establishing OSC communications between Sequencomat on the iPad and the Sequencomat Max/MSP patch running on my computer (as demonstrated by pressing the OSC Test button on Sequencomat and getting a response). Next, I tried setting the midi output port in the Max/MSP patch either to Daemon Output 0 or IAC Driver (and set the same input port in Ableton Live). However, when I play Sequencomat, no midi notes are received by Ableton.

Any suggestions?

Re: Sequencomat on Lemur for iPad?

PostPosted: 08 Dec 2011 09:30
by mat
Hey Tomoe97,

no worries made, Sequencomat will work on the Ipad. :)
I just bought an Ipad a few weeks ago and will focus on converting my modules to the new Lemur 3.0 within the next days. So if there are any problems, we fix it.
I am very happy that Liine brought out that new Lemur-on-Ipad-thing and so all controls the communtiy made through the last years get a chance to stay alive!

I will report all progress with Sequencomat here.

All the best

Re: Sequencomat on Lemur for iPad?

PostPosted: 08 Dec 2011 18:16
by tomoe97
Sounds great!

Re: Sequencomat on Lemur for iPad?

PostPosted: 17 Dec 2011 00:35
by mat
I had some tests this week and yesterday I also shot a quick and dirty video:

Everything works fine so far. :D
I already stretched some of my modules to Ipad resolution...looks great

For those new to Sequencomat, you can read more about here
See also the manual (based on full version 3.3):
The Sequencomat I use in the video and in the Liine user library ( is "Version3_lite".
I will also work on releasing full version...but it will take some more tests.... actually the visual feedback felt a bit less fluent as on original Lemur and I even had some dropouts (but only for feedback, midisending was not effected!). This may be based on my network settings....still trying to improve, but feedback from other users will be nice: do you have a fluent movement of position cursor?

I attach a zip with all modules in the video and the project, all resized to Ipad resolution...and I ve added some more color templates to sequencomat :)


@ tomoe97
you did all right!
If you don´t get any notes check:
- was a track chosen while entering a midichannel? (by default no track is chosen...)
- is track in DAW ready to receive? (activate IN or record)
- right midiport? (activate "Track IN" for notes, "remote IN" for CCs like on Modumat)
- try to mute/demute all steps/tracks, set triggers again...
Please write back if you get everything working, should be.

For those new to setup:
One stumblestone may be, that you need to use OSC target 1 on Lemur, not default target 0 ! (done to avoid conflicts with other modules)
Set lemur IP on maxpatch, Computer IP on Lemur OSC target 1
For Midi on Mac use IAC (Daemon Output does not work on this module) on PC use Loopbe (or other)
Clock is a simple Midi Beatclock (no Midi timecode)

The other modules shown in the video (and attached in zip) are done on Lemur direct (no maxpatches used):
Modumat: stepmodulation of Midi ControlChange Data (needs clock input on Lemur Miditarget 0)
Claviamat: midi keyboard including switchfunction (note on / off) sustain (delayed note off message)
Loopomat: XY pad for sending CC, ranged output, recordable performance
All sending on Lemur Midi target 0, Midichannel and controllernumber set within module


Re: Sequencomat on Lemur for iPad?

PostPosted: 18 Dec 2011 19:59
by Veiss
Hello, I can't seem to get everything functioning properly. Midi and OSC to the iPad work but not from.
When I press the OSCtest button nothing happens in the patch, but pressing it in the max patch does make it light up on the iPad. The IP in the patch and on the lemur are correct and using target 1.

Does the iPad version require the Lemur Daemon? I'm just using the IAC midi

I've done everything that was done in the video. Any idea as to what may be causing this?

How does Ableton automatically know that the play button is play without midi mapping or LiveOSC?


Re: Sequencomat on Lemur for iPad?

PostPosted: 18 Dec 2011 20:40
by dimi
hi Mat,
great great news for having it working with the ipad.
I've discovered your work a few days ago and was amazed by the capabilities of the paid template as well.
don't you think though that the price tag is a bit too steep for the template, given the whole lemur app was 40 euros?
please don't get offended by my suggestion. its only a thought.
warm regards

Re: Sequencomat on Lemur for iPad?

PostPosted: 18 Dec 2011 21:46
by Veiss
As much as I would like to see a cheaper price, the price of the original Lemur that it was built for was way more expensive...

Re: Sequencomat on Lemur for iPad?

PostPosted: 19 Dec 2011 19:50
by mat
You can send from maxpatch to Lemur, so your IP entered at maxpatch is right. (your IPad IP)
You can not send from Lemur to maxpatch, so your IP at Lemurs OSCtarget1 is wrong. (must be your Computer IP)
For port use 7999 (entered at Lemur OSCtarget1 and in maxpatch)
OSCtest button should switch on and off on Lemur....
Between Lemur and maxpatch is a bidirectional OSC connection, so for sure it needs the Jazzdaemon, but not for Midi, for OSC. All Midisending is done by the maxpatch!
Ableton get triggered by a clock signal (if Sequencomat is master), so activate a "syncIN" in Ableton for that port you chose on maxpatch to send clock to (and don´t forget to activate sending on maxpatch and activate EXT in Ableton)
Setting up first time is hard....I know, but all your settings can be saved as set (including also patterns) on the maxpatch, so next time it will be click and play ;)

About pricing of full version 3.3:
It is a little bit to early to talk about, cause at the moment it is not sure if full version works on Ipad....although I had some promising tests last night.
However, I charge 99,- Euro for full license (but I give a 50,- Euro refund for a video within 7 days that I can post on youtube)
Pricing refers to the maxpatch - the core sequencer engine - not the Lemur template and is in line with other software stepsequencers.
For that money I give you support and a guaranty: if it is not working on your setup, you get your money back (till now never had to do so, but noone knows....)

However, I would suggest anyone interested in the full version to play with the free lite version for minimum 4 weeks. If you are still intereted in more, contact me.


Re: Sequencomat on Lemur for iPad?

PostPosted: 21 Dec 2011 22:31
by dimi
you haven't even tried to listen, never mind

Re: Sequencomat on Lemur for iPad?

PostPosted: 22 Dec 2011 04:01
by Macciza
But he answered your question, what's the problem?
The app price does not necessarily affect the pricing of add-ons imho . . .
The price reflects the amount of expertise and work that goes into developing and support his software . .
It's not just a lemur project - it is a substantial Max patch as well . . .
He also mentions that it is 'a bit too early to talk price' so it may drop for the iPad versions . . .