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Scalomat 2013 - scale dependent Midi keyboard

PostPosted: 22 Sep 2013 15:19
by mat
I have updated the Scalomat... you can download "Scalomat 2013" in the Liine user area:
(I decided to keep the old Scalomat, because I like its design and some control aspects, therefore this is an additonal module)


Scalomat is a scale dependent keyboard for note entry. It sends on Miditarget 0 of the Lemur.

- In its actual version Scalomat fits the number of the pads per column automatically to the number of notes per scale and the vertical number of pads to the number of octaves.

- Keynote and lowest octave can be set separately.

- Beneath 15 standard scales selectable via drop down menu Scalomat also contains a custom scale that can be set on a little keyboard.

- Keyvelocity can be set on the big fader on the right or it can be a random value between two ends of a Rangeobject.

- Midichannelselection on drop down menu and additional Kill Midi switch (for accidently hung notes).

- 3 Playstyles for Pads: “normal” – direct note on/off by touch; “switch” – switch notes on and off; “sustain” – sends delayed note off message indicated by release time on pad and - controlled with a slider (0-15 seconds). Playtypes combineable during play.

- And finally a little Programm change module for selected Midichannel.

Enjoy! :)
any feedback is appreciated.


Re: Scalomat 2013 - scale dependent Midi keyboard

PostPosted: 23 Sep 2013 08:34
by Softcore
Looks nice! Will test it soon and report back! Thanks once again!

Re: Scalomat 2013 - scale dependent Midi keyboard

PostPosted: 20 Oct 2013 11:50
by mat

I´ve updated the module and added some more resolutions.
Beside a version for legacy Lemur users, I also added a 1/2 and a 1/4 screen module:

Scalomat 2013_2:

You can combine up to 4 keyboards to adress different synths within one interface,
or you maybe combine it with some of your synth controls or other modules.
(fits e.g. perfect to modumat for some rhythmic filter control:

I had to cut the program change function in the 1/4 resolution based mostly on missing space (it is all so tiny). But as this function is in a container you can copy it from the other resolutions.
The screenshot above does not show, that you of course can change the number of octaves... 3 just personally fits best to me. You can have up to 11 Octaves and chromatic scale even on the 1/4screen, but this will be like picking notes by a really tiny bird ;)
And if you don´t like the green color, just change it... I was thinking about color depending on midichannel, to identify synths in my setup on first sight, but have not integrated this yet.

Beside new resolutions I also fixed a bug: In the previous version the path of the custom variable was not defined propper, so you could not have different custom scales for different keyboards within one project, this now also works.

Any feedback, questions or bugreports are welcome!

enjoy :)

Re: Scalomat 2013 - scale dependent Midi keyboard

PostPosted: 01 Nov 2013 09:59
by mat
Hey, I´ve made a demonstration video of Scalomat 2013:

Thanks for so many download within the first weeks,
hope you enjoy the tool :)