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Re: Push for lemur

Postby electrofux » 24 Feb 2015 20:13

Anyone checked if 9.2 public beta works with Shove?
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Re: Push for lemur stuck in 1/32

Postby JorgeLuisBorges » 15 Apr 2015 23:35

seems to mostly work for me - with one bug...
The step sequence gets stuck in 1/32 - anyone experienced/fixed this? I think the same as describesd in some of the comments... couldnt see a fix though

I followed this setup, but didn't replace the push files in resources - that part actually broke it for me (as others have said)

oh I'm on windows 7, live 9.1 btw...

oh, and also, amazing job wul! You gots smarts.
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Re: Push for lemur

Postby randomPaul » 25 Apr 2015 19:56

I've spent hours today trying to get shove to work on my ipad/mac setup. I followed the guide at:


and got it working, but then had the midi-feedback problem that meant that my inputs were lagged and ableton live kept crashing. I read this thread and saw the explanation:

expand each scene button highlight the label instruction , then deselect midi0 in the target field for each of the scene buttons . That will do it.

but as I'd only purchased lemur to use shove (and LC2) this didn't mean anything to me. I thought I'd share some plain english notes on how to do this to save other people going through the same head-scratching that I did:

- - -

In the Lemur editor on the mac:
use the horizontal scrollbar to show the vertical strip of 8 buttons labelled [<1/32t] to [<1/4]

click on the top [<1/32t] button - that will highlight pad08 in the bottom right hand pane (titled "project").
click on the right facing arrow to the left of "pad08"
that will show these parameters (you may need to scroll down to see them):
- - -
- - -

click on label

in the top left pane (titled "mapping") it says Target Midi 0 - click on the drop down arrow to the right of "Midi 0" and change to "none"

then click on the next button [1/32] and repeat the above for that and then each of the remaining buttons down to [<1/4]

send the template to the ipad and save it

- - -

Massive thanks to wul for making this template - it has really enhanced Live for me.
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Re: Push for lemur

Postby Fortu » 11 Nov 2015 13:49

Hi guys someone working with shove and ableton 9.5???

When I change the push folder in the scripts folder, it disappear from the selection menu inside

Win 10

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