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Sequencomat V1 - re-release for iPad

PostPosted: 18 Mar 2012 18:34
by mat

Dear Lemur users,

I re-released my SequencomatV1 for iPad:

V1 was first released september 2009. I had only some minor changes on maxptach, but I resized the interface, try to make it a bit "clearer" and also added physics on the Velocity and Length MultiSlider for trackvalues. I also put some effort in writing a manual/documentation. It is attached in the zip as pdf and available online: The manual also contains some scripting tutorials, because most variables are calculated on the lemur in V1 and only triggering of those is done in max.

Naturally V2 and V3 of Sequencomat give more detailed control, but V1 with its direct controls has its own charme. A comparison of all Sequencomat sequencers is given in the FAQ of the manual. In common: Global values in V1 (Midichannel, grid, playdirection, steprange, startpoint) become trackvalues in V3; and track values in V1 (pitch, velocity, length) become stepvalues in V3. There is a video where I compare V1 (old legacy surface) and full V3.1:

There is also a playlist (3 videos) that show functions of V1: (videos are also with old legacy surface, but demonstrate functions quite well)

V1 is combinable with V3 and/or V3 lite. This can be done as different interfaces within one lemur project, but also on different lemurs (legacy/iPad). You just have to run both patches in max and set right IP and OSC for communication. For sync V1 and V3lite use rewire clock on both, cause it is the only clock V1 has. For sync V1 and fullV3, deactivate rewire and V1 will automatically follow V3 settings (it uses the same clock variable names).


Re: Sequencomat V1 - re-release for iPad

PostPosted: 01 Apr 2012 17:42
by mat

I added a module with legacy resolution. Although this was re-designed for iPad, the new design can be nice for hardware users too. (Hmmm, would be interesting to hear how many "legacy" users are here in the forum?)
Also I changed the maxpatch. Could it be that my last upload always opend in patching mode??? Ups, my fault. Now included maxpatch should not do so, just one little window to enter IP and port. (you still can open it for patching if you want to). So feedback about behavior like that is always nice...
Any comments or questions are welcome :)

All the best

Re: Sequencomat V1 - re-release for iPad

PostPosted: 06 Apr 2012 01:02
by Kooza
I'm sorry but I can't sync that. I'm using Logic 9, following all the instructions but nothing happens...

Re: Sequencomat V1 - re-release for iPad

PostPosted: 06 Apr 2012 10:00
by mat
Hey Kooza,

thanks for trying Sequencomat.
There are many users with Logic, so this should be no common problem.
If you say, you can not sync, you mean you press play and nothing happens?
It sounds like your OSC connection is wrong, please doublecheck:
On Lemur, within OSCtarget0, you have entered your Computer IP? And on maxpatch your Lemur IP? These both often get mixed up! And both use port 8000? OK.
Can you press play in Logic and Sequencer starts running? (Max->Lemur = ok)
If you can press play on Sequencer to get Logic running (but no reaction on Sequencer) Lemur->Max will be ok
Also: is max saying anything? Like "can´t get ad_rewire"?
In that case close all. Start rewire host before starting max and loading patch.

Please report any progress. First OSC setup is a bit confusing. V3 has an OSC testbutton which makes it more easy to identify the source of problem. If you got continous problem, please try V3lite and report behavior of testbutton. (Attention: V3 uses OSCtarget1, while V1 uses target0 on Lemur)

hope that helps

Re: Sequencomat V1 - re-release for iPad

PostPosted: 15 Jul 2012 12:52
by shayolden
How come it's all red?

Re: Sequencomat V1 - re-release for iPad

PostPosted: 15 Jul 2012 15:26
by mat
really? can you send a screenshot?
In case it must be something based on new Lemur 3.3 software. Already heard that typo is different, color also??? Had not updated yet for that reasons ....
( I guess I have to, to keep modules working :/ )
However, color can be changed within Lemur editor - so you can make your own color version and save that as Lemur module. It will not infect the max communication and working of sequencer (did it?). Only color of main matrix is controlled by max, this should be the correct color, don´t ?

greetings and please keep me updated on that problem.

Re: Sequencomat V1 - re-release for iPad

PostPosted: 16 Jul 2012 09:57
by shayolden
Hi mat,

Thanks for getting back so quickly. I was using Lemur 3.1 and found that it was all red. I just upgraded to 3.2 thinking that might be the problem. Now the editor cannot open sequencomatv1_2012_ipad.jzlib at all. ):

Red Sequencomat v1:

Also, it looks like Scalomat is down on the user area...

Re: Sequencomat V1 - re-release for iPad

PostPosted: 18 Jul 2012 17:47
by mat
wow - that looks really bad! :shock:

anyone else got problems like these???

I am still using Lemur 3.1 and editor 3.0.... (as it can be really nasty to update parts of a complex system I do those updates not every time, only if necessary)
OK, I think now I have to update asap and check this! Normally I guess an update should not make prior templates unusable... would be a pretty miss for the user section :o