A question about the Keyout Command

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A question about the Keyout Command

Postby Avokao » 11 Dec 2017 11:22

Hi all
Im trying to understand this?
I use the Keyout(0,69,1); on a custombuttom, 69=ascii code for letter E
I get response from lemur to Texwrangler but the letter sent out is letter A
Doesn't matter what letter ascii code i use its only letter A that gets output.
I tried the Keycomboout(0,1,0,0,67); Ctrl+C for copy command but the response it Select all command, Ctlr+A same here outputs only letter A

Any suggestions what i doing wrong here..
I know it working in windows

FYI Im on Os x Sierra

Best Regards all
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Re: A question about the Keyout Command

Postby midikinetics » 12 Dec 2017 17:04

Confirmed this.
Sent a bug report to Liine.
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