Text for StepSlider values

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Text for StepSlider values

Postby f10 » 11 Nov 2017 10:45

Hi All,

A quick question that I can't figure how to, I have a StepSlider sending each slide value to a different Knob which itself sends those value to a CC controller respectively. (This is because I want to be able to control the value via the Knob or via the sequencer).
Those values are actual note on my H9 pedal, therefore I've set monitors on each Slides to display the corresponding note.
I've got pads which allow me to selects the steps of the StepSliders too.
Now I'd like the monitors to reset there position according to the number of Steps of the sliders accordingly.
I've manage to get the numeric values displayed on each Slides, I tried to get the 'notes names' message to the StepSlider directly without success.

I guess it should be a pretty straight forward process for someone who knows how to code :)

thanks a lot!
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