Lemur available on Android

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Lemur available on Android

Postby nick_liine » 12 Nov 2014 15:58

Coinciding with Lemur’s 10th birthday, Liine announces Lemur on Android. App available now on Google Play. Release includes recent fixes and feature updates from the iOS version.

In late 2004, a company from Bordeaux, called JazzMutant, publicly presented a prototype of a revolutionary device — a multitouch screen for music control called Lemur. Ten years on, Liine is proud to present Lemur on an entirely new platform. As the Lemur family spreads from the original hardware tablet to iOS, and now Android too, music control is accessible to a new generation of passionate users.

Lemur Android supports OSC and MIDI over Wi-Fi. If your device is tethered you can use the USB cable connection for maximum reliability. See the feature comparison chart for full details.

Lemur Editor and Daemon are available for Windows and OS X, these are tools that allow you to connect to Lemur on Android and iOS. The Lemur Editor 5.2 update now allows you to use a custom resolution to fit your device.

Android is a vast platform and Liine had to choose which devices to support from the very beginning. Lemur is officially supported on Nexus 7 - this means that if you buy it for this device, Liine are committed to getting you up and running. It has also been tested on various Android 4.2+ devices with positive results. The list of officially supported devices will grow in the near future.
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