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Re: Premium Content - What do you want to see?

Postby addseo1115 » 11 Jun 2015 09:11

I want to see Amezing suggestion.
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Re: Premium Content - What do you want to see?

Postby pwdm » 04 Jul 2015 11:38

I would like to see a basic Ableton controller with on screen feedback (like the top left encoders and led combination on the Novation Remote Sl)

Hooked into a Midi Remote Script.

If anyone has any idea how I could create this, please shoot me some ideas.

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Re: Premium Content - What do you want to see?

Postby popeonarope » 11 Mar 2016 08:56

I would like to see an easy way to sent keyboard messages. forgive me if this is already available. I am a new user.
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Re: Premium Content - What do you want to see?

Postby KlangManipulation » 20 Jul 2016 19:18

A new Android FL-Studio Template because the version for iPad is not working properly on Android, especially the cliplaucher.
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Re: Premium Content - What do you want to see?

Postby Toxynth » 13 Oct 2016 00:33

moin moin fellows,

i'd like to see:

    that it is possible to implement your own gui for your lemur project, like an .eps or a .jpg as a background, etc..... in high resolution or so....
      when you lost all your templates on the computer, that then you can export your templates back from your android device back to the pc lemur editor.
        that it is possible that the lemur editor have a horizontal and vertical line to see whether other fader / or objects are all in line, like in a CAD program or like a sign board.
          this function musst be switchable in on and off, so as the user it likes.
            that the fader, button, (background), you last move or push can light up in a lightening rhythm of the BPM and / or, that then the user can adjust the lightenig just how they like it.
              a button feature with + and - in steps from 0 to 127. which can be used to select presets from analog synthesizers.
                with an "only analog synthesizer setup" it would be nice, if lemur would therefore work without a daw, just with pc on only for (network / midi) routing.
                  rasterized fader for example for the preset program change selection for synthesizers patch / presets value, etc.

                  if one of these features is already possible now, then let me know!
                  for me the phyton scripting is also new! :)

                  best regards
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                  Re: Premium Content - What do you want to see?

                  Postby Helios23 » 30 Jan 2017 21:12

                  Ive been working alot with making Lemur objects for Logic, and while ive found work arsounds, the main stumbling block i face is that Lemur doesn't have a Controller Surface plugin for Logic that lets Lemur OSC messages get to Logic. Currently the work around is to use Osculator as an intermediary which is somewhat frustrating and very limiting (Osculator can only seem to get and recieve OSC messages from the first effect or synth in a chain making multi effect chains impossible)

                  A Lemur Control Surface Plugin for Logic would be the ultimate solution, cut out the middle man, and hopefully, allow send/receive parameters to any and all effects in a chain rather than just the first one (Logic Control App can do this as well as insert new effects etc. like Magic, only ugly ).

                  Lemur Controller Service Plugin for Logic.. you heard it here first!
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