How to Rotate Text

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Re: How to Rotate Text

Postby dalgaard » 10 Mar 2017 11:19

+1 for this
5 years on the wish list is a long time ;-)
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Re: How to Rotate Text

Postby irked » 20 Mar 2017 19:20

Additional +1 - this seems like a major oversight in UI layout - how has it taken five years to Not Implement?
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Re: How to Rotate Text

Postby lABl » 25 Mar 2017 11:23

Having this feature for native texts would be ideal.

There is a way using canvas object tho, maybe a bit overkill, but if you guys need some vertical labels here and there this could be used.

VerticalTextCanvas.png (46.07 KiB) Viewed 5300 times

I've attached an example (you can change the object appearance from the "canvas_init()" script)

CanvasTextSettings.png (34.54 KiB) Viewed 5300 times

Vertical Canvas Text.jzml
(43.37 KiB) Downloaded 244 times
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Re: How to Rotate Text

Postby Phil999 » 26 Mar 2017 05:01

wow. Simply wow. Here's a master at work. Always a great pleasure to learn from you.
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Re: How to Rotate Text

Postby ForestCat » 26 Mar 2017 15:09

Yeah, man. Very clever, thanks for sharing. I've been increasingly relying on canvases for this sort of thing, mostly to overcome the ridiculous 24point font limitation(my iPad Mini2 is on my pedalboard, 'remote-controlled' by a Moto-X on my guitar...). The problem for me is that canvases can be be very heavy-handed relative to text objects. I'm often using text as dynamic value displays, i.e. a fader's value triggered by incoming MIDI/OSC from the device I'm controlling as kind of a poor man's ACK to make sure that the target device (Arduino, in my case) actually got the message.
so it's:

setattribute(textobject, 'content', ''+MIDI_ARGS[1]);


A LOT more canvas code, lol

But hey, beggars can't be choosers. I continue to learn a great deal by the ways programmers who are MUCH sharper than I am find ways to code around these unnecessary limitations :-)
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Re: How to Rotate Text

Postby lABl » 05 Apr 2017 08:14

No problem guys, glad that helps!

@ForestCat definitely, we need text rotation for native texts objects. ;)

Cheers guys,
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