Kapture, a few more words about it

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Kapture, a few more words about it

Postby unguitar » 18 Aug 2016 17:17

I'm migrating my live processing environment from Audiomulch and I am checking about possibly recreating it in Live.
The host's ability of recalling Vsts' states ( parameters, presets names and bypass state) is essential to me and it looks like Live has fully delegated this role to Kapture.

After 2 days of extensive test ( and first approach as I'm new to Live and to Kapture) I feel the need to ask the gather the following informations:
a- is Katpure considered an "important" product for Liine? I mean, I see that some time ago they've dropped developing the controller application and I wonder if this could be the sign of a lack of interest in keeping Kapture up to date with future Live development.
b- I've read that Kapture might show a slow reaction to recalling different snapshots. Of course time has a direct relation with the current processing which keeps the host busy ( number of vsts and audio files). Is there any plan to invest on optimizing this?
c- Among the Vsts I tested there is 2CAudio Aether, it looks like this specific plugin is not reacting to Kapture; no parameters or preset are recalled by snapshots. Is this a known issue? Is there a "black list" of incompatible plugins?
d- It looks like one of the weak points that could deserve some further development is managing snapshots' order. Any plan to offering such a possibility?
f- I feel like bringing the Kapture button in the general view, in the main window, could be a very useful idea. Anyone feels the same?

Thank you for taking the time to read and answer to these questions.
Choosing the musical tool on which to invest my time and expectation is decision i need to take very carefully.

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